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Shaun Groves


Pride Capital Holdings, a company dedicated to helping real estate professionals transition into the world of lending.

Shaun Groves is a distinguished executive and lifelong learner with over 18 years of experience at United Wholesale Mortgage. During his time at UWM, he played a critical role in helping the company become the #1 lender in America and achieved record growth in sales and development. Shaun has won numerous awards throughout his career and is a highly regarded mortgage and real estate lending coach. After nearly two groundbreaking decades with UWM, Groves founded Pride Capital Holdings, a company dedicated to helping real estate professionals transition into the world of lending, offering mortgage and real estate coaching, website design services, and much more.

As Shaun launches his own company, his exceptional leadership skills and vast knowledge of the industry positions him to continue to be a driving force and visionary leader in the world of real estate and mortgage lending. Shaun is best known for his remarkable ability to innovate and create cutting-edge solutions that set a new standard of excellence in the real estate and mortgage lending industry.


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How to Dominate your Realtor Relationships

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“I have had the pleasure of working with Shaun Groves for a number of years.

Shaun has helped build some of the biggest lending and real estate relationships in lending.  He provides a simple clear vision, attention to detail, and positivity. My company has grown and been able to tackle major projects and hit goals I never thought I would reach because of our relationship .

Shaun has decades of expertise with mortgages, real estate, and developing cutting edge technology that far exceeds most large companies. I hope that anyone doing business in the lending and Real Estate industry has the opportunity to work and grow with Shaun Groves.”

Damon Johnson

Shaun Groves is a brilliant salesman and a fierce competitor.

Throughout my time working with him at UWM, I was lucky enough to watch him grow into the confident and successful businessman he is today.

His unmatched knowledge of the mortgage industry coupled with his knowledge of people are what make him an exceptional leader. I couldn’t be more proud of the man he is today and enjoy watching him continue to succeed!

David Hall

President/CEO Hall Financial

“Shaun Groves is the man to know in the mortgage and Real estate industry, he is the real deal!!

I’ve personally watched Shaun dominate mortgage lending and real estate for years and take countless people to the next level.

If I was starting a team, Shaun would be a top draft pick!

If you want to win, tap in”!

Mateen Cleaves

Captain 2000 MSU NCAA championship team